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All Bingo Games to play

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All Bingo Games to play

Play online bingo for real money? Check out this page for all decent information about bingo. We created lists with the best casinos to play online bingo and even play for free.
What about online bingo
Online bingo has only become popular as an online game of chance in recent years thanks to the internet. Online bingo is now a common game in the collection of most sites. Online bingo has to be played with digital balls and forms (cards). The ticking of the digital balls happens fully automatically, making bingo gameplay a wonderfully relaxed game.
The first player to cross off a row of numbers, or any other combination of boxes, wins the (jack)pot.

There are 8 bingo Games in this list.
The number of bingogames and bingos keeps growing.

Different types of bingo

Although the basic game rules of Bingo are almost always the same, the game has a number of variants that we will explain here. The differences are often in the patterns and not so much in the way the game is performed.
In general we talk about Classic bingo, 75 and 90 Ball Bingo, Free bingo, British vs American Bingo, Bingo patterns and Bingo slots. Here we go!

  1. Classic bingo
    This is the standard version of Bingo that is played the most worldwide. The rules, as described earlier, are very simple and usually the first round is played for 1 row, than for 2 rows and then for a full game card. Logically, the price in the 3rd round is also the biggest! After these 3 rounds you can buy a new card, or cards, if you want to continue playing.
  2. 75 and 90 Ball Bingo
    At 75 Ball Bingo, as the name suggests, 75 balls are played according to the classic setup. With 90 Ball Bingo, according to traditional rules, only with 90 balls and players have a chance to win a prize. In addition to the 90 and 75 balls versions of Bingo, there are also variants in which there are 30 or 80 balls, but this is less common.
  3. British vs American Bingo
    British Bingo is also called European Bingo and differs from the American variant in a number of aspects. At British Bingo players play for 1 or more rows or for a full bingo card. American bingo often revolves around patterns where you have to complete a certain figure with the right numbers to get bingo. In other words, you win with American Bingo if you have achieved all the numbers in the relevant pattern.

  4. Bingo patterns
    Playing patterns together with bingo is typically American and players will meet it a lot of times in (US) online casinos. Numerous patterns are possible!
    1 Bingo row: 1 horizontal, vertical or diagonal row gives bingo;
    2 rows of bingo: 2 horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows give bingo;
    Full card bingo: when you have finished all the boxes, you have bingo;
    X Bingo: Bingo with 2 diagonal rows that cross each other exactly in the middle of the card;
    E Bingo: 3 horizontal rows (rows 1, 3 and 5) and 1 vertical row (B column) form the letter E.
    Diamant Bingo: come in various forms of which the ´small diamond´ forms a window with 4 numbers to the card through the box. The large diamond bingo consists of 13 boxes: the by the B column, the middle 3 of the I and the G columns and all the boxes of the N column;
  5. Bingo slots
    This form is fairly new in the bingo world. In Bingo Slots, Bingo is combined with playing on fruit machines. Often you walk through a route in the game where you play bingo and slots alternately and with Bingo, for example, save extra spins together for free to play longer at the slot machine.

Play online bingo for free

Free bingo can be played anywhere, even online at various online casinos. For free bingo, no account and registration are often required, but you play, unlike bingo where you use money, not for real cash prizes. Free Bingo is a fun and exciting way to practice with bingo and to master the game. With free bingo you can try out different types of bingo and also compare different online casinos with each other based on game offerings and bonuses for example. Playing for free means you can take your time and feel how it all plays out without risking any of your money to start with. BOGOF Bingo Offers Though not strictly free outright, BOGOF offers mean ´Buy One, Get One Free´! So, get more for your money, specifically for online bingo. Certain games may be included in this offer at the site in question, where for every bingo card you buy, you’ll get another one for free. This effectively doubles your chances of winning without spending any more. The beauty of these offers is that the cost of online bingo cards tends to start very cheaply, as little as €£$0.01! Agree, it isn´t completely free, it is extremely low cost, making it a perfect opportunity to get a taste of real online bingo gameplay with very low risk. Play online bingo for money You can play online bingo at various online casino providers. Each provider decides for itself which bingo games he offers in his portfolio. To make it easy for players to choose the best from all these different games, we assist them with lists of the best casinos to play online bingo for real money. Bingo game rules Bingo is a very simple, easy to learn game. As a result, there are only a few bingo game rules that you need to know and apply. The aim of bingo is getting to be the first to get ’Bingo’, having reached a full playing card but that is not always determined. Multiple combinations on a card are possible. We explain this further in this article. The playing card has 24 numbers spread over 5 columns generally speaking. There are also variants with a different number of numbers on the card. With bingo online, the draw of the balls happens automatically and life for online bingo players gets very easy: they do not have to cross off the numbers themselves. It all goes on the autopilot! How does bingo work? Every game goes through the same steps and players quickly know how the game proceeds. We explain now the different steps in a bingo game.

  1. Choose your online bingo room. There are many different bingo rooms available online, so no lack of choice! There is always an online bingo room to be found.
  2. Buy bingo cards: you can play with 1 card or with several bingo cards at the same time. The more cards, the higher your chances of winning. It depends on provider of the game how much 1 bingo card costs. It differs per room. When a player plays online bingo, he often gets to choose his own card(s). Therefore, buy your cards after choosing your bingo room.
  3. The game starts! In online bingo, the player sees the number appear on the screen. The ticking is often done automatically. This way players don’t miss a single number.
  4. Win or lose? The more balls that are drawn, the more numbers will cross your cards. Note! As we said above, in some games there are (small) prizes to be won, for players who are the first to fill 1 or 2 rows or columns on their card during the game. However, the grand prize is for the first player who can shout ’Bingo!’. Meaning who is the first player to cross off all the numbers on his bingo card. After this, the game is over. All other players lose this round, but can of course try again with the next game.

Some bingo tips

  1. Choose your playing time carefully! What do we mean by this? We know from personal experience that the more players participate in a bingo game, the bigger the jackpot and bonuses get. On the other hand, this also means that the chance of winning these prizes will be smaller. We experienced that, If you play early in the morning or late at night, there will be a smaller jackpot. Meaning for you that there is a greater chance that you will become the winner. TIP! With all running bingo games, you can see in the corner of your screen, how many players are participating in a game at that moment. This allows you to find out how big the chance is to win a game.
  2. Play bingo more often with a small insert! From our experience: it is wise to play more often with a smaller insert than to play with big inserts. This means that the amounts to be won are smaller, but that you can take advantage of it in the long term, because this way, you will win several small prizes. Think of your maths: many little ones can make a big one, so many smaller prices can eventually rise to a considerable amount. In addition, you also have more fun with bingo if you can play it more often.
  3. Pay attention to the bonus offers! Bonus offers increase the chance to earn more money. There are different bonuses available so keep your eyes open an grab your profit. When registering with a bingo game, there is often an offer that gives you free play money. There are also bonuses that double deposits in value or that give you extra playing cards during a game.
  4. Play with multiple bingo cards! With the more cards you play, the greater the chance that you will win a prize. The price of each bingo card depends on the type of bingo game that you play and the height of the jackpot. Remember that it is not necessary to always have a full card. Even when you have 1 or 2 full lines, you can already win prizes.
  5. Become a member of a bingo group! It is a good idea to become a member of a bingo group and to participate in the joint chat room. We did it! Not only it makes Bingo more fun, but you can also get hints and tips from more experienced players. In addition, some bingos also offer separate prices for participants in a bingo group. By participating in this you are often part of a loyalty program. This means that you can win extra prizes with the same game!

Online Bingo Gambling Tournaments

Many online bingo casinos these days also offer bingo tournaments, where your gameplay is converted into points on a leaderboard. The top player positions pay out prizes, including bonuses and cash. So, these bingo tournaments give you the chance to win funds for playing bingo. Just check the T&Cs beforehand! Bingo Devices Today, you can play bingo online, in both desktop and mobile versions. You can play bingo online for money on your phone or tablet. Online Bingo casinos we recommend All our listed gambling sites have tons of bingo games, trusted deposit methods, generous bonus deals for new players and loyal players, jackpots, reliable payouts, with mobile-friendly navigation for players on the go.